The food served in Thailand differs significantly from what is usually found in restaurants outside of the Kingdom, a reality visitors frequently discover to their dismay. This isn't to say the food in Thailand isn't delicious. It is, but it is much more intense and spicy than the 'watered down' versions usually found abroad. On the other hand, the variety of items served within the country itself is noticeably greater, giving everyone the chance Pig Faces at Local Marketto find something suitable to their tastes and ability to handle the omnipresent chili pepper. The key is knowing where to look and what to order. If you have trouble with 'hot' food, this article will tell you how to 'beat the heat.'

The remainder of the articles listed below provide insight into what is happening in restaurants found in Thailand. In addition there are articles and opinion pieces about food and drink in general.

Fish Frying in Thai Restaurant All of the material was written by Michael Moore, aka the Wandering Gourmet, Claude Kincaid and Dorothy Jones. The articles available on this website will change frequently. If you enjoy the pieces, check back frequently to see what is new.

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Articles About Thai Food and Drink
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General Articles about Drink
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Articles about Thai Food
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